LASER BLAST and THE HAND EYE SOCIETY once again join forces to celebrate the poorly compressed, scan line-ridden era of Full Motion Video (FMV) games with a presentation of Phantasmagoria and some of the strangest and funniest forays into “interactive cinema”.


For our second annual celebration, we are screening a FREE exclusive feature film presentation of Sierra Entertainment’s notorious sequel PHANTASMAGORIA: A PUZZLE OF FLESH. Written and designed by horror writer Lorelei Shannon, the game is a narratively unrelated follow-up to the best-selling title by graphical adventure pioneer Roberta Williams (King’s Quest). Notorious for its “obscene content” that saw the game heavily censored or outright banned in several countries, Puzzle of Flesh had the player help the introverted Curtis Craig navigate a psychological breakdown while working at a predictably sinister pharmaceutical company. Dark secrets, sexual exploration and interdimensional twists abound!

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In a brisk 80 minutes, you’ll experience some of the craziest moments of the game edited into a coherent, freaky and funny narrative. Jam-packed with outrageous gore, and even zanier performances, this special, one-night only presentation is not to be missed for fans of FMV or merely the far-out.

PLUS, you’ll also be able to demo a contemporary FMV game that was produced for FANTASTIC FEST’s 2016 FANTASTIC ARCADE in Austin Texas.

Check out details from FebMoVid 2016 here.

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