We discuss the career of Director/Writer/Star/Songwriter Matt Farley and his offbeat regional feature films DON’T LET THE RIVER BEAST GET YOU, LOCAL LEGENDS, FREAKY FARLEY and SLINGSHOT COPS.

With Special Guest Peter Kuplowsky (Programmer of Midnight Madness Programmer at the Toronto International Film Festival)

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On this week’s Patreon episodes, yes, we did two this week,..We discuss The Viewer’s Choice Network and two films that obsessed us. PLUS, Peter Kuplowsky discusses the work of his favorite recent discovery, a director that has made 20 feature films in the last TWO YEARS – but he doesn’t release them.

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Films Under Discussion:

Druid Gladiator Clone (2002): “The Druids are back, wreaking havoc on the town of Thomasville in the exciting comedy movie, Druid Gladiator Clone. In this installment, Matt has been resurrected and imbued with magic powers by the evil Druid warlord/businessman, Kevin. Will Matt carry out Kevin’s evil schemes? Or will some sense of morality return to our powerful hero? “Druid Gladiator Clone” is Part III in the Farley/Roxburgh created Druid Saga comedy movies: Part I: Adventures in Cruben Country (2002) Part II: Sammy (2002) Part III: Druid Gladiator Clone (2003) Part IV: Druids Druids Everywhere (2003)” – YOUTUBE  

Freaky Farley (2007): “Farley Wilder is a legend in his small New England town; he never left for college, doesn’t work, continually bows to his dictator of a father, and sneaks around his neighborhood at night. He particularly favors spying on attractive young women—a practice that has earned him the nickname Freaky Farley. But when Farley meets an attractive and bold young woman he comes out of his shell, stands up to his father, and also confronts the dark mystery of the spooky Morgantown Woods…a secret that’s been killing people for decades!” – IMDB


Monsters, Marriage, and Murder in Manchvegas  (2012): “A maniacal slasher terrorizes a small town.” – IMDB

Don’t Let The Riverbeast Get You (2012): “A vicious monster has arisen from its watery lair! It’s the Riverbeast, and he’s threatening a peaceful New England town. Local tutor Neil Stuart has seen the beast before, but nobody believed his story, making him the town laughingstock. Neil sets out to not only prove that the Riverbeast exists, but also, with the help of his beautiful pupil, scrappy tutor buddies, and a former professional athlete to vanquish the aquatic menace!” – IMDB


Local Legends (2013): “Local Legends is a movie about a musician/filmmaker/comedian from Manchester, NH.” – YOUTUBE

Slingshot Cops (2016): “A supernatural menace has descended on the peaceful town of Woodsville Center! Sensefoot (Kevin McGee—Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You!) is using his magical foot to steal people’s senses! It’s up to Officer Rusty Sinclair (Matt Farley—The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon; Freaky Farley), his veteran partner Wolf (Jim McHugh — Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You!), the mysterious newcomer known as The Eastern European (Tom Scalzo – Druid Gladiator Clone), loyal Officer Annabelle (Sharon Scalzo – Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas), town singer Keira (Elizabeth Peterson — Local Legends) and their courageous friends to take down this deadly villain. Featuring comedians Brendon Walsh (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) and Randy Liedtke (Conan) of The Bone Zone Podcast! ” – IMDB

A List of the ‘Serious’ Matt Farley Albums – All Available on Spotify: 

Basement Reunion (2014) – Projections from the Side

Mature Love Songs (2014) – The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Motern Heartburn (2015)  – Matt Motern Manly Man

Joyous Cackle (2015)  – Matt Motern Manly Man

Common Phrases (2015)  – The Very Nice Interesting Interesting Singer Man

Keep Being Awesome! (2016) – The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man

I Never Left My Hometown (2016)  – The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities

Animal Noises (2016) – The Strange Man Who Sings About Dead Animals

Double Take Action (2017) – The Finklestinks

Lets Go Camping!  (2017) – Projections from the Side

Roy and Cathy (2017) – The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man

Delicate Genius/Thirsty Killer (2017) – Matt Motern Manly Man

Great Unfinished Masterpiece (2017)  – Matt Motern Manly Man

Live in Danvers! World Motern Media Day Extravaganza 2017 (2017) – The Motern Manly Band

Moe’s Haven:

Song’s From The Vault V. 1

Song’s from the Vault V. 2

Song’s from the Vault V. 3

Dislocated Songs (2004)

Out with the Old (2004)

Moe’s Haven (2005)

Sir Paul Made a Ram, We Made This (2005)

Someone Else (2005)

Down With Memories (2005)

Svetlana Finds Solace in the Arms of English Men of Letters Vol. 1  (2005)

Explorations in Madness (2005)

September in Manchvegas (2006)

(Sh)oc(k)ober (2006)

November, The Tar (2006)

May I Buy You A Sandwich (2006)

January (2006)

February: From the Bayou to the Barnyard (2006)

March: Of Aliens (2006)

April: What a Cruel Month (2006)

June (2006)

July in the sun with me (2006)

August: Of Temporal Inconsistency (2006)

If Not Us, Who? (2007)

December (2007)

Victory is Ours For Now (2007)

This is my Millennium (2008)

It Takes A lot of  Guts (2009)

Stromboli’s Alarm Clock (2010)

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